Invisible Technology for Smart Spaces

reelyActive invisible technology allows Smart Spaces to detect people and objects via their wireless devices.  Imagine an invisible button that can detect the presence of people and objects. A Smart Space may consist of one or more invisible buttons, each representing an area of interest.  An invisible button is in fact a physical hardware device we call a reelceiver. A reelceiver is a radio device that can transmit and receive messages via a given wireless protocol. Browse our reelceiver collection to discover exactly what you need at points of interest within your Smart Space.

Get Started Today

Our starter kit is a point-of-interest in a box.  Simply connect to power and an Ethernet router.  Instantly, the four included tags and compatible Bluetooth Smart devices can be identified and discovered via the Internet as part of the Smart Spaces experience!  Use our free middleware package, barnowl, to develop your own applications and create the perfect experience.