Showcase Kit

Showcase Kit

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A Complete Showcase in a Box

The reelyActive technology platform unlocks a wealth of possibilities that are better experienced than described.  Our Showcase Kit allows you to:

    • set up in minutes and immediately see results
    • evaluate key platform capabilities through intuitive web applications
    • advance towards specific objectives:   four hours of support are included!
    • take the time you need:   a whole year of service is included!

What's Possible?

The showcase kit includes everything you need to demonstrate and evaluate the following (and more).

Real-Time Anonymous Occupancy

Real-Time Tracking by Zone

Anonymous Occupancy Analytics

What's Included?

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    3 Owl-in-One plug-and-play BLE transceiver, configured to stream data to Pareto or to a local instance via Ethernet or WiFi connection (Configuration GuideDeployment Guide | Datasheet)
    AC-USB adapter with global compatibility (North American plug)
    6 Minew E8 BLE beacon with accelerometer (Configuration Guide)
    3 Minew E6 BLE beacon with light sensor
    3 Minew C6 BLE beacon with lanyard (Configuration Guide)
    1 Minew S1 BLE beacon with temperature/humidity sensor (Configuration Guide)
    1 Year of Pareto service including all web applications and APIs
    Access to our open source software.
    4 Hours of support to use as you choose

     What's Pareto?

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    Our software is open source, and our hardware is designed and built in Montréal, Québec, Canada.