Showcase Kit

Showcase Kit

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A Complete Showcase in a Box

The reelyActive technology platform unlocks a wealth of possibilities that are better experienced than described.  Our Showcase Kit allows you to:

    • set up in minutes and immediately see results
    • evaluate key platform capabilities through intuitive web applications
    • advance towards specific objectives:   four hours of support are included!

What's Possible?

The showcase kit includes everything you need to demonstrate and evaluate the following use cases (and more).

Asset Tracking

Personnel Tracking

Anonymous Occupancy and Footfall


Environmental Sensing

What's Included?

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    3 Owl-in-One plug-and-play BLE transceiver, configured to establish a WiFi network and stream data to any connected computer running our Pareto Anywhere open source software (Configuration GuideDeployment Guide | Datasheet)
    AC-USB adapter with global compatibility (North American plug)
    6 Minew E8 BLE beacon with accelerometer (Configuration Guide)
    3 Minew E6 BLE beacon with light sensor
    3 Minew C6 BLE beacon with lanyard (Configuration Guide)
    1 Minew S1 BLE beacon with temperature/humidity sensor (Configuration Guide)
    Access to Pareto Anywhere open source software.
    4 Hours of support to use as you choose

     What's Pareto?

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    Our software is open source, and our hardware is designed and built in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

    Showcase Kit