Ethernet Hub

Ethernet Hub

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Connect a reel of our reelceivers to the Internet or a local IP network in seconds with an industrial-grade Ethernet hub, complete with cable harness and power supply.

Do you like to DIY?

Why not just build the Ethernet Hub's cable harness yourself from off-the-shelf components?  Our diyActive Tutorial will show you exactly what you need to do.  You save money, we save time that we can instead focus on building cool new stuff, and our planet saves the wasted energy of shipping.

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  • Industrial-grade:
    • Supports the longest reel of daisy-chained reelceivers
    • Recommended for all commercial and industrial deployments
  • Plug-and-play:
    • Cable harness and power supply included
    • Simply connect to power, reel and DHCP-enabled switch



Conçu au Québec, built in Canada.