Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information on reelyActive?

Our official website is

What is Pareto?

Pareto is our enterprise cloud platform.  Visit for more details.

Where can I learn more about the open source software?

We recommend you start by visiting diyActive, our Developer page.  You can also find our open source software packages on both GitHub and npmjs.

Do you really build all your products in Canada?

Yes, we do!  But let's qualify that.  The printed circuit boards (which we designed) are produced in China.  The electronic components are sourced from all over the world, primarily Asia.  The enclosures are produced in Germany and the USA.  In our native Montréal, we stuff the boards, program the firmware, and complete the mechanical assembly and labelling before we ship our products out to you.

Must all orders ship with Canada Post Xpresspost?

Yes, unless you'd prefer to visit our office and pick up your order in person (please do!)  Typical Xpresspost shipment times are next day in Canada, two business days to the US and 4-5 business days beyond.  You'll receive a tracking number which we encourage you to check periodically should the shipment require an action on your part to clear customs, which can happen despite our best efforts.  Note that we no longer accept shipping via other carriers, even at your expense, for small orders.  Thanks for understanding!

Why isn't there a shipping option for my order?

If during checkout, there's no shipping option available for your order, it usually means that the quantity of items you've selected are heavier than what we typically ship.  Send an e-mail to with your list of items: we'll send you a quote and work out the best shipping option with you.

What currency are orders charged in?

All orders are charged in USD, plus any applicable taxes for products shipped from Canada.  Before October 2017, orders were charged in CAD, and hence products were priced differently due to the exchange rate.