Reelceiver (2400MHz)

Reelceiver (2400MHz)

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Modular Sensor Infrastructure

The RA-R436 is a 2400MHz active RFID transceiver compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy devices*. We call it a reelceiver because it can be daisy-chained with other reelceivers using standard Cat5e cables to create a reel. Each RA-R436 has a globally unique identifier and detects all compatible wireless devices in range, including their received signal strength (RSSI).  Devices in range are located to the nearest reelceiver transparently and calibration-free. Power and communications are transferred over a single cable: simply connect and forget. Compliance for global operation. Available with custom factory-configured options at scale.

All reelyActive reelceivers are compatible with one another and interface seamlessly with our Pareto platform and suite of open source software thanks to the reel architecture and protocol.

* Specifically devices which transmit Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) advertising packets


  • Certified 2400MHz active RFID transceiver
    • FCC: QASRA-R426-01
    • IC: 10707A-RAR42601
    • ETSI compliance tested
  • Globally unique EUI-64 identifier
  • Detects all Bluetooth Smart advertising devices in a range of tens of metres
  • Periodically emits Bluetooth Smart advertising packets
    • Includes 128-bit UUID
    • Includes globally unique EUI-64 identifier
    • Incites smart devices to emit a SCAN_REQ, announcing their presence
  • Compact enclosure
    • 77mm x 32mm x 25mm
    • injection moulded in USA
  • Bright red-blue status LED
  • Connects with other reelceivers in a reel configuration
    • Power and communication over a single, standard Cat5e cable
      • Efficient 5VDC to 45VDC operation
      • RS-422 standard serial communication
    • Connect tens of reelceivers in a daisy-chain
    • Reel length limited only by DC transmission losses
    • Set-up-and-forget, calibration-free architecture
  • Connects to a local or remote server via a hub
  • Interfaces seamlessly with our suite of open source software


Can be factory-programmed to support alternative proprietary radio protocols in the 2400MHz ISM band.  Contact us for details.

The RA-R432 is identical but uses the 915MHz band for operation in the Americas.

The RA-R434 is identical but uses the 868MHz band for operation in Europe and other ETSI regions.  Contact us for details.


 HS Code: 8517.69.0000

Our software is open source, and our hardware is designed and built in Montréal, Québec, Canada.